Shop review: Fable and Black

Hello friends,
Today I will share with you a shop I discovered quite recently, after a friend gifted me one of their lucky dip boxes. They have some fab book inspired gifts, from cards, to bookmarks, to posters, to even clothing, but they're mostly known for their epic pins.
Here's what I got in my box:
All of the goodies!
One of my favourite pins ever!
A pretty badge (I love Luna and all things Harry Potter), a mini notebook book of spells, bookmarks and pretty prints

Needless to say I loved everything. Great quality, got tons of compliments for my pin, and I currently have a wish list the size of her shop! Unfortunately, I don't think they still have the lucky dip boxes, but you never know, they might bring them back again in the future.

Fable and Black can be found both on Etsy, as well as their own online shop. They also have a monthly pin club (you get a surprise pin every month, inspired by books, how cool is that?!), and you can also find them on instagram, for geeky bookish inspiration (and they are currently running a huge giveaway)!

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Book review: The memory collector, by Fiona Harper

Hello friends,
Today I'll be sharing with you a book I've read and loved. First things first, full disclosure I was sent this book as and advanced copy, as I am part of the author's book club, but I was under no obligation to review it. However I finished re-reading it for the third time a few days ago, and I still love it, so I thought I'd share.
Fiona Harper, the author, is a well known writer of stories about love, life, and relationships, that can make even the most cold-hearted person feel warm and fuzzy inside. No wonder, as her characters are well written, relatable, and, well, real.
This book has been nominated for a few awards, and won the 2018 speculative romantic novel award. Well deserved in my opinion. It touches on important issues, such as mental health, loss, finding yourself, and above all, love.

Now onto the review: The main character of this book is Heather. She is a rather complicated character, who lost her mother and was left with an inheritance that she doesn't know how to handle. So she does what she knows best: she hides it instead of dealing with it. Going further into the book, we discover that Heather has hidden more than things; she has hidden memories, that with the help of people she loves and who love her, she decides to uncover, and face, so she can move on.
The reader gets to find out the secrets the same time Heather does, and to experience first hand the effects that things that are hidden have on her life. The protagonist (as well as all the characters in this book) is a flawed character, but this is ok; it is ok not to be ok, and Fiona Harper makes that clear. But the message this book sends, is that it is not ok to allow the flaws and the past to define you; you are more than that, and letting go of what holds you back will set you free.
I really loved the story, it made me laugh, cry, think, and most importantly feel.
Overall, I'd give this 4.5/5.

Find the book on Goodreads here for more reviews and info.
Follow the author on Goodreads here, and discover more of her books.
You can buy this book from The book depository, Amazon, and is currently on offer from The Works. (The links above are not affiliate, just indicative places you can buy the book from.)

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Travelling blog: Leeds

Hi friends,
While I am still writing my PhD, and have no time to go anywhere, I like looking at photos of adventures of the past, as they remind me of good times, and keep me going.
I thought I'd share with you some photos of an adventure I had in Leeds 3 years ago with one of my dearest friends.

It was such a good time, and I loved everything about the city. I will be visiting again soon.

Until next time,


Currently #2

Hello friends,
For the past few days, a lot has been going on, but the following can summarize most of it.
  • I'm in the midst of writing up my PhD
  • Due to the above my sleeping schedule has gone out the door
  • I'm discovering new coffee flavours, because coffee is life (especially when the packaging matches one of your favourite nail colours--China Glaze "For Audrey"// Beanies Coconut Delight flavour-so good!) 
  • Discovering fancy pretty cheese (Goats cheese with edible flowers on the right, Wensleydale with roses and other pretty stuff)
  • Discovering new favourite drinks from Starbucks (Iced matcha tea latte)
  • Going for walks and enjoying pretty spring nature
  • Focusing on much needed self care, with my favourite LUSH. Honey I washed my hair solid shampoo is made of dreams and happiness!
That's all for now. Hope you are all well.

Until next time,


Travelling blog: Abergavenny castle and museum

So, I went to Abergavenny to visit my penpal of 15 years the other weekend. The visit fell on the change of seasons, and nature was gorgeous. We visited the Abergavenny castle and museum, really enjoyed the exhibitions - traditional Welsh kitchen, and shop from the 50s, where the packaging was original from the era- , and after we went and had fab cake and coffee after.
Gorgeous gradient of autumn colours

On our way to the castle

Traditional Welsh kitchen

How to make butter and cheese

Recipe for plum pudding.

It was like a shop was in the museum! Fascinating to see all the products and how things were.

More art on the castle grounds

Castle ruins

Colorful tree all dressed up for winter

Best chocolate cake I've had in ages

Loved every minute!

Until next time,