Currently #1

Hello friends,
For the past few days, a lot has been going on, but the following can summarize most of it.
  • I'm in the midst of writing up my PhD
  • Due to the above my sleeping schedule has gone out the door
  • I'm discovering new coffee flavours, because coffee is life (especially when the packaging matches one of your favourite nail colours--China Glaze "For Audrey"// Beanies Coconut Delight flavour-so good!) 
  • Discovering fancy pretty cheese (Goats cheese with edible flowers on the right, Wensleydale with roses and other pretty stuff)
  • Discovering new favourite drinks from Starbucks (Iced matcha tea latte)
  • Going for walks and enjoying pretty spring nature
  • Focusing on much needed self care, with my favourite LUSH. Honey I washed my hair solid shampoo is made of dreams and happiness!
That's all for now. Hope you are all well.


Adventuring: Abergavenny castle and museum

So, I went to Abergavenny to visit my penpal of 15 years the other weekend. The visit fell on the change of seasons, and nature was gorgeous. We visited the Abergavenny castle and museum, really enjoyed the exhibitions - traditional Welsh kitchen, and shop from the 50s, where the packaging was original from the era- , and after we went and had fab cake and coffee after.
Gorgeous gradient of autumn colours

On our way to the castle

Traditional Welsh kitchen

How to make butter and cheese

Recipe for plum pudding.

It was like a shop was in the museum! Fascinating to see all the products and how things were.

More art on the castle grounds

Castle ruins

Colorful tree all dressed up for winter

Best chocolate cake I've had in ages


Show a little love

Dear you,
Take a moment to yourself. Take care of your body, mind, and soul. It's time to stop worrying. I know you believe it might, but the world won't collapse if you stop worrying about it. About everything around you and everyone around you except you.
A truth I learned is that the world will go on without you. Your world won't. So take care of the center of your world.
For me, this week Soft Coeur by Lush is my act of self-care.  It's a massage bar, that doubles as a heavy duty body moisturiser, and it smells so wonderful, like honey and cocoa. Makes me smile every time. I've had it for ages, saving it for a special occasion. What's more special than now?
Much love,


Trying, and trying again

This was yummy if anyone is wondering.
Today has been about trying new things. New interesting experiments were planned, new buttons were added to the blog, new books were bought, and new cocktails will be tried soon with yummy food to accompany them. And I'm currently enjoying an apple rooibos latte -I've never had it before!-, relaxing at Starbucks, with one of my most favourite people in the world, whom I met when I was trying something new, writing. New hobby? Check!
Trying new things, then trying again. There's no fail in trying.



Buddy the cat looking at the snow.

  • Currently there's sweet snowy silence outside. And not a worry in the world.
  • Buddy the cat wants to go outside again to be surprised by how cold the snow is. For the millionth time since yesterday.
  • We're watching 'Tomorrow when the war began' and I'm wondering when I'll find time to read the actual book that has been on my phone for ages. And all the other books I have.
  • Gearing up for my n*th cup of tea of the day. I think I'll go for cinnamon and cloves this time.
  • I am editing things in my mind on the report I sent in for corrections the other day. I also have 'I got you babe' stuck in there...
  • I think about starting blogging again... I have a PhD to finish, this being the last year of it, but hey, anything to keep me busy. Let's see how it goes.